Footpath walk to Cloford

A gentle 4 km walk mostly through fields with a quite section of Long Lane.

From the village hall car park, walk north (towards Frome) a short distance along the A359, taking care of traffic. Very shortly (before the dip in the main road), take the footpath left through the hedge at the gate. The footpath crosses this large field diagonally to the far right corner, where a footbridge crosses the stream. In the next field carry straight on parallel to the fence on the left. Chancellor’s Farm can be seen over to the right. In the far left corner cross the 2 stiles on the left with a plank over a ditch between them, and turn right. Follow the hedge on the right, until it bends left (under the high tension power cables) where a metal kissing gate can be seen ahead. The path immediately crosses another plank footbridge and stile giving onto a large field. The route of the path is straight ahead across the middle of this field to its northern hedge, where a stile gives access to Long Lane.

Turn right follow Long Lane for approx. ½ mile, Brickyard Lane on the right and then Chovel Lane on the left. About ¼ mile after Chovel Lane is a wide farm gate, with a fingerpost on the opposite side of the lane indicating a footpath to your left. Enter the field, keeping the field boundary to your right follow this as it turns to the right and you will come to a foot bridge with stiles ahead of you. Note there is a second footbridge with stiles on your right, but don’t go over this one.

Cross the footbridge ahead of you and climb up the sloping field ahead, maintaining the direction of the previous footpath. A hedge line with a gap will become visible. Go through this gap and maintain direction across the next field and you will come to another opening.  Cloford church tower should be visible ahead of you. Go through the gap and keep the hedge on your left a short distance until it bends away to the left. At this point maintain direction, heading for the far right hand corner of the field. Turn right at the track at the end of the field and follow this as it bends left and meets a lane at the entrance to Cloford Manor. Turn right along the lane, away from the Manor house, to reach Cloford village.


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