The Parish Council is now providing allotments to parishioners at a site along Studley Lane, just after the railway bridge.  The allotments have been marked out and the first alootmeeteers have made a start on their allotments.  Two sizes of plots are available, 60 square metres and 120 square metres, with annual rents set at £40 for the larger plot and £30 for the smaller size.   There are a few still available and they are available to all residents of Wanstrow and Cloford parish.  We will be starting a waiting list once demand exceeds supply.

The allotment site is still under development, and we expect to lay on water and provide a compost toilet on the site in early spring 2021.  We are wanting to develop a supportive community on the allotment site and we are seeking funds for a community shed to provide a meeting place, shelter from inclement weather and a place to take a break and swap ideas and advice.

The allotments will be run by an allotment association which will include all the allotment holders who in future years will decide what needs to be done to develop the allotment site further.

Please contact for further information or to ask for a plot.