This walk is around 3 Km one way and is moderately strenuous in places.

From the crossroads in Wanstrow walk down east The Street, (with the church behind you) and cross the ford to where Studley Lane forks off to the right. Turn right up the hill (this part of the lane is known as Bridge Hill).

Continue straight along the lane, passing the stables until the lane bends to the right and there is a footpath forking off to the left. Cross the stile and walk directly across the field, clipping the corner of the hedge that comes in from the left. Continue this line up the field, aiming to the right of the buildings on the skyline, until you find a stile and gateway in the top right-hand corner of the field.

[Alternatively you can continue on down the lane, round the bend, until a concrete track, singposted to Studely Farm, is visible on the left. Go up this track to the top of the hill where you will find the stile at the top of the field and you can re-join the route.]

Cross the stile from the field, turn left and walk along the track ahead, keeping right of the entrance to Studley House. Turn right over the bridge over the railway which is in a deep cutting below you. This track takes quarry trains from Torr Quarry located north of Wanstrow down to the main line at Witham, but was previously a branch line leading to Shepton Mallet, passing Wanstrow halt on the way.

At the end of the railway bridge turn left and follow the track into a large field. Cross this field, following the power line and keeping left of the fence line. A grand view opens up to your left and extends across several miles to the wooded greensand ridge at the edge of the Stourhead Estate in Wiltshire.

At the next field cross diagonally right down the slope into Studley Bottom, a deep wooded valley. At the bottom you should see a gap in the hedge which leads to a stile. Cross the stile and follow the steep footpath down through the trees, which can be slippery in winter.  Cross the wooden footbridge over the stream, which marks the parish boundary, and climb up the steep path through the trees on the other side of the valley.

Cross the stile at the top and you will emerge from a thick hedge into a field. Go up the field, keeping the hedge on your left to a gate and stile. Keep the same line through the next field, with the hedge on your right, crossing another stile onto a small lane. Turn right and follow this lane as it bends left and rises until another lane enters from the right.  Continue straight into Upton Noble.

Unfortunately the pub in Upton Noble is closed, but the village is still worth exploring. It is difficult to return to Wanstrow by a circular route without going a long way round via Witham or Batcombe, so retrace the route to return.


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