Wanstrow has a Parish Council of six members and a Parish Clerk. The Council meets in Wanstrow Village Hall on the second Monday of every month at 7.30 pm.  Extra meetings are sometimes called to discuss planning applications which require attention before the next planned meeting. Keep an eye on the Parish Council meetings calendar for meeting dates, agendas and minutes.

Agenda for the meetings are posted on the parish notice boards and on this website at least three days before the meetings.

The Parish Council meetings are open to the public, generally informal, and include an ‘open forum’ when members of the public can, and usually do, bring matters of interest to the attention of the council.  Outside of the open forum session members of the public may generally observe but not take part in the discussions of the council.

If you intend to ask the parish council for funding please contact the Clerk at least ten days before the meeting so that we can add the request onto the agenda.  This is because the Parish Council cannot approve expenditure that has not been notified on the agenda.

There is a Parish Annual Assembly every year in April where we report to the community and the parishioners can raise issues and discuss them in open forum.

The responsibilities of the council are varied and include:

  • The parish council is consulted on all planning applications within the parish, and on major planning applications in neighbouring parishes. We can recommend refusal, approval or modification and conditions to Mendip District Council who make the ultimate decision.
  • National Planning Policy Framework – The revised National Planning Policy Framework sets out government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied.

    How to Respond to Planning Applications – This booklet offers a brief introduction to the planning system and the planning application process. Its aim is to help you present your views on planning applications in your area appropriately, effectively, and to the right people. The guide offers information on how different planning applications is assessed, also providing sample letters and emails of support and objection to planning applications.

  • Looking after and improving areas of the parish, e.g. grass cutting and planting in some verges and open spaces.  Currently we provide grants for maintenance of the Village Green and St Mary’s churchyard.
  • Liaising with the county council on highway safety and repair.
  • Liaising with the county council on the state of footpaths and other rights of way, which is dealt with by our Parish Path Liaison Officer;
  • Making grants to village organisations or other initiatives from council funds.
  • Liaising with the police on matters of concern within the parish
  • Litter picking and provision and maintenance of salt bins.
  • Monitoring drainage and ditches throughout the parish and actioning as and when necessary.
  • Making environmental improvements as and when thought appropriate.
  • Maintaining this website for the benefit of parishioners and other village organisations.

More information on all these activities is provided on this website

The council income comes mainly from funding collected by the district council (the Precept) and donations are also made from the solar farm and two wind turbines within the parish. The council also receives interest on our cash balances and can apply for grants as and when required.

The Parish Councillors and Clerk are listed on this website, as are minutes from our meetings, accounts and other financial information.