Planning is one of the main areas of concern of the Parish Council.  Whilst the final decision on planning matters is made by Mendip District Council, the Parish Council can influence that decision and provide local input to the Planning Officer’s report.  The Council welcome input from Parishioners on planning matters – if you are potentially affected by a proposal or making a planning application yourself please come along to a meeting to discuss any issues you may have.

All planning applications are published on the Mendip District Council website, which can be easily searched by location or application number.  Responses made to Mendip on recent applications, and the final decision where known, are listed below.

When is permission required? – Sets out when planning permission is required and different types of planning permission which may be granted.

You are browsing Planning Applications for the year 2024

Application numberSummaryParish Council ResponseDecision
2024/0419/FULErection of detached dwelling with associated accessN/A
2024/0141/HSESingle storey conservatory/garden room to rear of property. Open for comment iconN/A